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Heating & Cooling Contractor in Orlando, FL: Residential & Commercial AC Services, Cooling Repair, Heating & Indoor Air Quality Services


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Here at Alpha Comfort Design, Inc. near Orlando, we offer top heating and cooling services. Whether you're seeking AC repair, furnace repair, or indoor air quality services, we have top performing specialists as well as state of the art HVAC technology to optimize the temperature control in any given building. We understand that having improper temperatures in your home or business can affect factors such as productivity, cognitive abilities, and irritability.  That's why we have a vast team in Orlando to help get your home to the perfect temperature.

Complete Heating Services You Can Rely On

If you need residential or commercial heating repair for your furnace, or you need water heater services, we have the contractors to keep your heating in check. Despite the warm weather in Orlando, the winter months might leave you needing professional heating services. Our furnace repair services are carried out by some of the most dedicated employees in the area. We have factory-certified parts to ensure your heating is reliable when you need it most.


We provide a variety of quality HVAC products.

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Our hard-working, highly experienced craftsmen and technicians are extensively trained and have a broad knowledge of their field.

Need Emergency Services Today?

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Air Conditioning Repair Without the Hassle

In a place like Orlando, we don't have to tell you that the lack of AC can be a pain to deal with. Often, no AC means you're uncomfortable and irritable in your own home due to hot and humid conditions. Luckily for you, Alpha Comfort Design, Inc. has remarkable air conditioning repair solutions offered throughout Orlando. We have both heating and cooling services, as well as ductless mini-split AC repair services, so you'll stay comfortable all year round. Schedule an estimate today and see for yourself why our expert HVAC repair services are so beloved throughout Orlando.

Shop Smarter, Breathe Happier

Indoor air quality services are essential for any property. We rarely stop to think about the air we're breathing in; so it's important to know the quality of air in your home or business is safe. Our Orlando team takes the time to show you a variety of efficient filters that can better the air in your home. Honeywell, Scuttle, and Aprilaire are just a few of the reliable brands our HVAC company offers our clients.

Why Work With Us?

  • Our hard-working, highly experienced craftsmen and technicians are extensively trained and have a broad knowledge of their field.
  • We are dedicated to using efficient, proven techniques and the best tools and software in the industry to ensure unmatched comfort in our designs.
  • When it comes to repairs, our trucks are stocked with factory-certified parts to provide our customers with the most effective results for the best prices.
  • We are an official HVAC contractor for the largest home warranty companies in the country for both commercial and residential applications. We offer the latest available HVAC equipment for your indoor comfort.

No Time Is A Bad Time — Emergency HVAC Repair Solutions

We understand that not everything happens according to plan. That's why with our emergency HVAC repair services, you never have to worry. If your water heater bursts or you can't sleep due to a broken air conditioner, the team at Alpha Comfort Design, Inc. will help you get on track to a more comfortable environment. Let our HVAC company save the day (or night!) by using our leading-edge services and factory-certified repair solutions to keep your HVAC systems running smoothly all year.

Our Warranties & Certifications

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    Alpha Comfort Design A/C & Heating, understands the importance of a properly functioning HVAC system in Orlando, FL. Having well regulated temperatures can make a significant difference for both commercial and residential properties. Our highly trained staff won’t just put a band aid on the problem, we work with you to find the best solution for your property. We are a company that cares about your comfort and customer satisfaction, so call today and schedule a free estimate for your Orlando, FL property.

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